Lauren Anne Mooney

When you heal yourself, you heal everyone



I’m not an authority on your life. You’re the authority. I have not reached a holy mountain, nirvana or the top of the Daft Punk pyramid. I am (trying to) seek enlightenment on a daily basis. And I am here to walk alongside you.

My work and life as a Reiki Master, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Breathwork Practitioner and Cannabis Advocate informs my healing practice.

In each session, I channel Reiki to restore balance for my clients, by integrating intuition, light touch, essential oils, crystals and sound. You will leave feeling renewed, with some spiritual guidance tailored to your personal journey. 

I am currently seeing clients 1:1 in Flatiron on Thursday evenings. Please use the contact form below for booking, and any other inquiries.


Translated from Japanese to “Universal Life Energy” - Reiki is a gentle, light touch healing method that will soothe your nervous system, help to balance your energy centers, quiet the mind, and release stagnation in the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.




In a city filled with chaos Lauren Mooney’s Reiki practice is a much needed respite. I recently worked with Lauren and after one session I felt a powerful difference. She is incredibly talented and has a very in-tune sense of her practice that allows her to help her clients work through a variety of needs. Looking forward to working with her on a regular basis.
— Bailey R.
Lauren guided me through my first ever Reiki session with remarkable kindness and skill. Her patient and gentle approach put me at ease, powerfully transformed how I felt in my body and left me with a lasting sense of peace and wellbeing.
— Hannah S.
Monthly sessions with Lauren are a must for me. Her intuitive approach to healing makes each session a unique experience. I leave her sessions feeling at ease, restored and renewed.
— Laura L.


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