I feel so grateful to have discovered Lauren when I did. Last year I was going through some tremendous and unforeseen challenges in my life, and was plagued with doubt and anxiety. I saw Lauren for the first time and left feeling open, unburdened and empowered to take on anything in my path. Now at the end of this journey I came back to see Lauren and was gifted with another session of clarity, calm, and peace. I always leave her presence feeling unburdened and cosmically exfoliated. Lauren is an incredibly talented, connected healer.

-Amber, Media Professional


I recently had my first Reiki experience ever with Lauren. Despite being raised by Republicans, I have a lot of love for the spiritual arts. Lauren is so passionate and hardworking. I felt she had clearly put her drive and ambition into being in tune with my energy! I’m so happy I chose her. She was great at making me feel comfortable and endlessly patient when it came to answering any questions about the practice. Afterwards, I felt incredible. The experience put me in a positive, take-on-the-world mindset. I’m going back for another session with Lauren next month. Give her a try. You’ll learn something about yourself and be given the tools to heal and energize.

-Lianne, Writer


I am a self-identified skeptic, but I can't deny that there is just something different about my mind and body during reiki sessions with Lauren. Sights, sounds, and emotions come into focus and I feel connected to myself and the world around me. It's a spiritual glow-up. Lauren is an intuitive communicator and thoughtful in evaluating personal wellness. She knows how to ask the right questions and listens closely to guide you to your higher self.

-Meredith, Creative Strategist

In a city filled with chaos Lauren Mooney’s Reiki practice is a much needed respite. I recently worked with Lauren and after one session I felt a powerful difference. She is incredibly talented and has a very in-tune sense of her practice that allows her to help her clients work through a variety of needs. Looking forward to working with her on a regular basis.

-Bailey, Photographer


Monthly sessions with Lauren are a must for me. Her intuitive approach to healing makes each session a unique experience. I leave her sessions feeling at ease, restored and renewed.

-Laura, Designer