I am a Reiki Master, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Breathwork Practitioner and Cannabis Advocate. And my passion is for helping people access freedom and peace in the purity of the present moment.

I believe we are all spiritual beings with souls and energy, even if we donโ€™t feel connected to it all the time. As hectic as life can be (especially in NYC), each individual has the power to take a step back and reevaluate whenever, and however they choose. I want people to know they are loved, supported, and held. We are in this thing called life together.

I aim to make my work accessible by offering sliding scale + lower cost events. I believe in the healing power of cannabis, the individual, and the collective. Reiki, Cannabis, Breathwork, Space Clearing, Intention Setting are different paths to greater awareness and clarity.



1133 Broadway, Suite 707
New York, NY 10010


Thursday evenings by appointment



REIKI TRAINING Rebecca McKeever, Lara Elliott, Manu Del Prete

BREATHWORK TRAINING Erin Telford + David Elliott

HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH Integrative Nutrition Graduate

REIKI MENTORSHIP Lisa Levine at Maha Rose


Disclaimer - HEALING WORK is a support, and not a replacement for traditional therapy, and medication. I myself attend therapy + monthly individual and group healing work so that I may hold space in the highest of integrity.